Today In Mountain Dulcimer History

For anyone interested in mountain dulcimer history I have started a section on called “Today in Mountain Dulcimer History” which is described as “A dose of mountain dulcimer history throughout the year“.

Ultimately, as I make notes from my dulcimer books, magazines, dulcimer exhibits Karen & I have attended, and from what I find on the Internet, I hope to have something for every day of the year. Though I have a fairly good list I’m not there yet so keep checking back at the link below. I am posting what I have on the date as they occur, so check back periodically, some weeks/months will have more posts than others.

The link is:

See you Thursday!

David Bennett <><

Jake’s 98th Christmas

Ho Ho Ho Down

Here’s a video from our Christmas party last week.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

North Pole Stroll

On 26 November, using Christmas decorations donated by members of the Athens Dulcimers, Louise & Jerry Todd and Karen & David Bennett decorated our tree for the Athens North Pole Stroll event. The official lighting of the trees will be on Dec 3rd from 5-7 PM. There will be hot chocolate and Santa will pay a visit I believe.



Tied for 6th Place Dulcimer Competition

During the fiddlers convention in Athens last month the 1st thru 5th place winners were announced and awarded.

However, before it could be announced, the 6th place award for the dulcimer competition was filched presumably by some mischievous harmonica contestants.

Luckily the 6th place award was recently discovered by Athens State security, hidden in a secret compartment under the tree stump fiddler statue.

Therefore, with the recovery of the award this evening Karen announced the 6th place winners of the 50th anniversary October 2016 Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers dulcimer contest and presented their prizes. The following all tied for 6th place:

Roger Patterson: 6th Place
Lou Beasley:     6th Place
Jerry Todd:   6th Place
David Bennett: 6th Place

David B <><

My Limberjack Project

Photos from the 50th Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention