Jake’s 100th Birthday Celebration

As you know Jake will be 100 years old on Thursday, 30 August.

His party at Madison Village will be on Saturday, 1 Sept at 1:30 pm.

All of Jakes friends are invited to his birthday celebration where Jake will entertain his friends with a few songs; everyone that would like to play is welcome to (don’t know if we’ll need our chairs to play but you might keep one in your vehicle just in case).

There will be a short program and refreshments. 

There will be a basket for cards and any other memories you may want to share.

We hope to see you at Madison Village.

For more information contact Louise Todd.

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As you probably know by now I like to learn about the background and history of not only the instruments we play but also about the tunes and/or the composers of the tunes we play.

One of the tunes I’ve always liked that Athens Dulcimers play is Wheels, and today I decided to learn what I could about the song. Admittedly, I assumed it was an old-time tune and was therefore somewhat surprised to learn that it is a pop tune by an American instrumental group from Plainview, Texas called the String-A-Longs. The tune was issued in 1960 and became a hit in 1961, the year I was born.

The original recording, “Wheels” by the String-A-Longs

Read the article about Wheels (The String-A-Longs song)

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Old-timey Dulcimer Performance and Maintenance Notions

Here’s an article I wrote and posted on my other website. 

Old-timey Dulcimer Performance and Maintenance Notions

Also, if you haven’t already, but want to, don’t forget to send Jake a birthday card or greeting for his 100th Birthday.

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Jake’s Birthday This Month

Jake Hisaw will be 100 years old on 30 August. We’d like to encourage anyone who’d like to to send a birthday greeting to him do so at the address below. Over the years Jake has played with many campers and jammers between Virginia and Texas. Jake still sings, yodels and plays his guitar. He knows more songs than anyone I know. The last couple years he’s been a regular with the Athens Dulcimers.

Jake Hisaw
Room 8
The Madison Village & Assisted Living
6016 Wall Triana Highway, Madison, AL 35757

August News

Hear Athens Dulcimers in the background
Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Mooresville Alabama

If I need to make any updates to the Announcements & Schedule page of our website let me know. See

Louise asked me to post this:
Laura Percer has a Master Works 15 -14 Hammer Dulcimer for sale.  It has very little play time and is is in perfect condition.  I have the stand, tuning device, books, and two sets of hammers.  Contact laura.percer@gmail.com

Only two months until the Fiddlers Convention. Yippee!!

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Saturdays Gig in Decatur Postponed

Louise told me that Wanda Barnes broke her leg last week and will be in rehab for a few weeks (Encompass Rehab – across from Huntsville Hospital) and as a result we are postponing our Saturday (21 July) gig at City Center Village in Decatur and will plan it for when she returns as part of a surprise welcome back party.

On another topic here’s a good video about the history of the The Appalachians: The Scotch-Irish / Scots-Irish
About the 8:52 though 9:45 mark is a fellow a mountain dulcimer

The Appalachians: The Scotch-Irish / Scots-Irish

21 July City Center Village (asst. Living)


21 July Gig at City Center Village (asst. Living)
807 Bank St. NE, Decatur, AL (turn R off Hwy 31 onto Church St, CCV will be to your right (former Amberly Suites)

Begin playing at 2:00. This will be during their tea time.

Wanda’s husband, Bob Barnes, was one of the top musicians in the area in his heyday.