July 15 Jam and a mystery story

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the jam this coming Thursday (July 15).

I ran across this interesting dulcimer mystery on McSpadden’s Face Book site on July 8 2021: In the post Duane Porterfield tells the story that some time back around 1969-70 “Sherry” (a good friend of Lynn and Mary Catherine McSpadden) dropped off her custom McSpadden dulcimer (#165 made in July of 1968) for a minor repair.

For a now unknown reason it was hung on the wall where it remained for over 50 years, apparently forgotten (even by the owner), awaiting attention. Then, in February 2021 the instrument was taken down and cleaned up and repaired with plans to display it in the show room as at the time the owner was unknown. #165 was a custom model and was very dusty inside and out when taken off the wall. Made for four strings one of the wooden pegs was missing and had no strings. The instrument was two inch deep which is a quarter inch deeper than current models. The scalloped/arched fretboard was a quarter inch thinner than current ones with no 6 1/2 fret. It has a unique tail piece as you can see below.

Through a series of events the owner was identified and found. On July 8th Sherry and her husband Jack in celebration of their 67th anniversary took a trip to the Dulcimer Shoppe where she was reunited with her dulcimer.

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Jams, slugburgers, and TMBs

Reminder: This week is the 3rd Thursday so I hope to see you at the jam!

In the meantime here is a short story about the dulcimer excursion Karen and took this past Friday to Selmer, TN (just north of Corinth, MS):

Tennessee Music Boxes and Slugburgers

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2007 Article By Lou Beasley

At the jam last night Janice Swanner told us about some back issues of Dulcimer Players News (DPN) that she recently acquired and that the May 2007 issue had an article written by our own Lou Beasley. I’m attaching the article.

As I have no control of how WordPress posts images if you have trouble reading it you can also read Lou’s article on-line at the link provided below. (Once you go to the link click on the + or – to zoom in or out of the article depending on your eyesight. Then after you get the print size the way you want click on the screen and hold the mouse button down and you can drag the screen around so you can read everything)

2007-02, Dulcimer Players News Vol. 33 No. 2
Community: Huntsville, AL by Louie Beasley

Duck Pond Gig & Announcements

Here’s some videos and photos from the Duck Pond gig Thursday.

Athens Dulcimers made it on WHNT news (you may have to scroll down past the still add and to get past the commercial or hit hit SKIP to view).

For those who have Fake Book here’s another video

Don’t forget there is another opportunity to get and and play on Wednesday May 19 9:45 a.m. Owens. Community Center Hwy99. Arrive at 9:45; we will play from 10-11. Lunch to follow! Let Jimmy know if you plan to attend.

See ya all Thursday at the regular dulcimer jam!

Cinco de Sixo

Este es un recordatorio amistoso sobre nuestra música el jueves seis de mayo.
(This is a friendly reminder about our music on Thursday six May.)

Además, nuestra músico más joven, Anna, se graduará de la escuela secundaria este mes y tendremos un frasco preparado si alguien quiere agregar un regalo de graduación para Anna.
(Also, our youngest dulcimer player, Anna, will be graduating from high school this month and we will have a jar set up if anyone wants to add a graduation gift for Anna.)