Athens Dulcimer Members In Da News

Preston, Edith, and Talmage are all in the photo. Good job by Preston Reynolds

Vision impairment support group builds friendships

Updated Athens Dulcimers Announcements & Schedule

If you have anything else to add let me know. Be sure to periodically check the website schedule as I anticipate some new announcements in the near future.

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8 Foot Long Mountain Dulcimer

You’ve seen my Little Dulcimer, here is something on the other extreme:

This dulcimer is 8 ft tall, John is 6′ 3″. See & hear him play it at This dulcimer is for sale BTW

John & Uncle Eddie

Kentucky Dulcimer Excursion Part II

Karen and I just got back from our latest trip to Kentucky where we saw some more vintage dulcimers resulting in our latest dulcimentary:

Kentucky Dulcimer Excursion Part II

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A Little Mountain Dulcimer Music

A Little Mountain Dulcimer Music

I may bring this one Thursday!

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Video: 2016 Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Festival

Here’s a short (for me) video of our visit to Tannehill State Park this year:

Video version of: “Kentucky Dulcimer Excursion”

Here’s the video version of my dulcimentary “Kentucky Dulcimer Excursion”.