Lou Beasley’s 85th Birthday

How Much things cost 85 years ago in 1934

  • Average Cost of new house $5,970.00
  • Average wages per year $1,600.00
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents
  • Average Cost for house rent $20.00 per month
  • A loaf of Bread 8 cents
  • A LB of Hamburger Meat 12 cents
  • Studebaker Truck $625.00
  • Arrow Men’s Shirt $2.50
  • White Potatoes 19 cents for 10LBs
  • Heinz Beans 13 cents for 25oz can
  • Spring Chickens 20 cents per pound
  • Wieners 8 cents per pound
  • Best Steak 22 cents per pound
  • Average House Price 515
  • 1934 saw the turning point in the great depression in America with unemployment decreasing to 22%.
  • The FBI had considerable success ending the careers with celebrity criminals and John Dillinger , Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson.
  • Bruno Haptmann arrested for kidnapping Lindbergh baby.

Happy Birthday Lou!!

David B <><


31 August: Play Music On The Porch Day


This is a worldwide event and is a good way to meet your neighbors and expose them to music. If you live out in the country you could always go visit someone and play on their porch.  There is no set time to play and you can play as long as you like.

It is always the last Saturday in August. You can officially sign up or just do it. Participation is easy! Just go outside and play music on your FRONT porch. The idea is to expose as many people as possible to music. Participate alone or invite your friends to gather on the porch or your favorite place to play.

Play at 2nd Annual Madison Volksmarch


2nd Annual Madison Volksmarch sponsored by the Rotary Club of Madison and the Alabama’s Bicentennial Commission and Madison’s Sesquicentennial Commission

Date: 26 October (Saturday)
Playing Time: 1000-1200
Location: downtown Madison, 211 Celtic Drive, Madison

What is a Volksmarch? The term “volksmarch” originated in Europe and is a non-competitive walk. It is a fun, outdoor activity that involves walking along a safe, predetermined, and marked route with a club, your pet, yourself, your friends, or with your family. The Volksmarch of Madison will be a 5 km (3.1 mile) walk through historical downtown Madison.

The actual Volksmarch will be from 8 am – 5 pm so if you want to take the walk you will have plenty of time either before or after we play.

For more information contact Al Maiorano.

See other updates for the rest of the year on our website and let me know if I need to add anything


Updated Arrangements for Jake’s Memorial Service

Date: Saturday, August 3rd
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Where: Madison Village, 6019 Wall Triana Highway, Madison

Pay attention here: Jake’s daughter-in-law Linda needs to know two things NLT 6 pm Wednesday (31 July)

1. How many people intend to attend the memorial service (Linda needs to know because she is going to provide light horderves).

2. How many will be playing (Linda needs to know so she can have the chairs set up ahead of time).

IMPORTANT: call Louise Todd NLT 6 pm Wednesday (31 July) if you (and others) plan on attending the memorial service AND if you intend to play. Louise will then provide the consolidated info to Linda. For example, if you plan on playing and bring your spouse then that is 1 to play and 2 to attend the service.

We will be playing three songs (2 times through for each song):

  • In the Sweet Bye and Bye
  • I’ll Fly Away
  • Amazing Grace

Updated obituary https://www.berryhillfh.com/obituary/luther-jake-hisaw