Snow day in north Alabama

2015 Snow-Dulcimer Player (click photo for larger image)

Louise sent me the above photo with the caption: “Jerry can still play and drink his Coke, even encased in snow!!”

2015 Snow (click photo for larger image)

Looks like I’m going to have a 5-day weekend. Guess what I’ll be doing much of my time!

See ya all next week (5 March). I think it’s suppose to get in the mid-60s next week!

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Who Will Sing For Me — In Memory of Judy Klinkhammer

For those of you who have been to the McSpadden Dulcimer Shop in Mountain View, Arkansas you probably met Judy. After a battle with cancer she passed yesterday (7 Feb). Here is a fitting tribute:

Who Will Sing For Me — In Memory of Judy Klinkhammer

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Dulcimentary: An Unofficial History of Westphalia Waltz

Here’s my latest dulcimentary. It is about the history of the Westphalia Waltz tune:

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Dulcimer Articles in the Digital Library of Appalachia

Dulcimer Articles in the Digital Library of Appalachia
Some of the “articles” are audio/video which is pretty interesting.

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Buna and Bertha

This is worth watching.  Performance of Appalachian Dulcimer and commentary by 86 and 92 year old mountain women in North Carolina (the second lady was born in 1880 so I’m thinking the first lady was born about 1886).,222

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Positively Preston

On Friday Preston, Jerry & Louise played for the Positive Look support group

Preston1 Preston2a Preston3 Preston4

Mountain Dulcimer Resource:  is a free “webzine” courtesy of Mel Bay Publications which ran from 2003 to 2012 and edited by Lois Hornbostel. About every other month it featured articles focusing on mountain and hammered dulcimers by well-known experts on the instruments, with musical arrangements to play. There are 51 issues with many musical styles and lessons included. You can view all the back issues at the link above.

Don’t forget our January schedule is different and we meet Jan 22

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