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And we suggest on an annual basis everyone review (not just new members) our guidelines of our expectations and what makes our group such a success:

Photos from the Don Pedi Concert in Athens February 1st

Two (free) 1970s Dulcimer videos on-line

For Christmas I received two DVDs, both featuring I.D. Stamper and dulcimers, “Sourwood Mountain Dulcimers” (1976) and “Tomorrow’s People” (1973).  Best of all you can watch them both on-line for free, I’ve posted the links at

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Dulcimentary: Enos Yeager

Don Pedi featured in an article in

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Know What I Mean Vern?

ErnestPWorrellFor those of you who remember the character Ernest P. Worrell in a series of television commercials and several movies you might get a kick out of this. Ernest, I mean Jim Varney, was from Kentucky and played the mountain dulcimer on the Chevy Chase Show in 1993. See the video and  an “Ernest” story by Don Pedi in my latest dulcimentary:

Know What I Mean Vern?

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Old Scottish Tune

Attached is a tune I tabbed out for myself. It’s an old Scottish tune you’ll recognize and I thought it might be fun to play at our New Year’s Eve jam this week. I consolidated a couple versions and then annotated it the way I thought it should sound, as a result I’m sure it’s not perfect but hopefully simple and playable (feel free to modify for yourself).  Download tab: Auld Lang Syne