Dulcimentary: Kentucky Dulcimer Excursion

Check out some old mountain dulcimers we visited in Kentucky the week before last.


David & Karen B.


Athens Cemetery Stroll 2016-04-17

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Molly Malone

In case anyone wants the tabs for Molly Malone here’s my simplified version:


The Dubliner’s have a good rendition of it at https://www.youtube.com/embed/pXKLkLcdtjI

David B <><

Kirby Cole Pt II

Sunday Lou Beasley took me over to Doyle Kelley’s house and he sang me the Kirby Cole song as he learned it from his mother. It is sung in a distinctly different style than the Aaron Sims version.

Doyle Kelley sings about the 1921 murder of Kirby Cole  

The YouTube link has been added to the article I sent out the other day:

The Story Of Kirby Cole (1899-1921)

I have posted my latest dulcimentary, The Story Of Kirby Cole (1899-1921), on our website at:

David Bennett

Welcome Jan Hammond

Recently Jan Hammond and her husband have relocated from Ohio to north Alabama to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren.

Sometimes we old timers to the Athens Dulcimers (I think Karen and I fit in that group now) forget that not everyone knows who some of the notable people in the dulcimer world are that the rest of us take for granted, people who visit the Athens area on a regular basis like Don Pedi… and Jan Hammond.

Jan Hammond The other night Jan was jamming with us, as she has been the last few months, a couple asked Karen about Jan Hammond. From that Karen realized we have people even newer than us and they don’t yet know everyone in the dulcimer world. As a result the following is intended to be a “welcome to north Alabama and Athens Dulcimers” for Jan and a short biographical dulcimer history lesson for those not yet acquainted with her.

We are excited to have Jan as a member of our jams and welcome her as she transitions from Ohio to Alabama. We look forward to tapping into her dulcimer experience, energy, and talent for a long time to come.

Jan Hammond is originally from Ohio and brings with her the rich Ohio Appalachian Dulcimer traditions to Alabama, where the Appalachian Mountains terminate. In addition to playing the mountain dulcimer Jan does graphic design specializing in logo & corporate identity programs, ad lay-out and production, brochures, CD jacket art, promotional pieces and packaging design etc. Jan is also an accomplished nature photographer who takes, mattes, frames and sells her own original nature photos. Jan has a website at http://janhammond.net/jans_music/ where you can find not just information about her mountain dulcimer background (and CDs) but also some of her photography and other graphic arts endeavors.

Jan’s initial introduction to the  mountain dulcimer was from attending a workshop by Jean Ritchie at the Appalachian Folk Festival in Cincinnati in the early ’80’s. Jan had the honor of playing on stage with Jean Ritchie during a workshop at the Kentucky Music Weekend in 2006.

Jan has a number of first place awards from dulcimer competitions, at the local, state and regional level of the United States:

  • In 2005, she placed first at the Kentucky State Mountain Dulcimer Championship.
  • Also in 2005 Jan was a top five finalist at the national competition in Winfield, Kansas and in 2008 she placed third at the same event.
  • Has been awarded 1st place at the Mid-Eastern Regional Competition four times.
  • Won the Kentucky State Dulcimer Championship in 2005 & 2006.

Though Jan may be retired from competing maybe we can get her to give folks a run for their money in the mountain dulcimer competition at the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler’s convention this October…  

In 2009, Jan graduated as a Certified Music Practitioner® from the Music for Healing & Transition Program. Her focus with therapeutic music has been at hospice, but she also plays for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and private individuals.

Once again… Jan, welcome to Alabama and the Athens Dulcimers!

David and Karen Bennett and the rest of the Athens Dulcimers

2016 Valentine Jam

Some photos (and a video) from our last jam (4 Feb 2016)