Play Music on the Porch Day 2017 in Madison, Alabama

Playing an old time tune on my mountain dulcimer

National Play Music on the Porch Day 2016-08-27

Yet another opportunity to play your mountain dulcimer:

PLAY MUSIC ON THE PORCH DAY invites musicians/communities to revive the tradition of gathering, singing and playing music outside with friends and family.

Any time between: 8AM – 10PM

 Throughout history it was common to hear live music on porches, in yards and on street corners. Musicians would regularly surround themselves with friends and family to sing and play music together. This tradition is being lost as more people only experience music as passive entertainment instead of as a participatory celebration of life.

 PLAY MUSIC ON THE PORCH DAY invites musicians to revive the tradition of gathering, singing and playing music outside with friends and family.

 On Saturday, August 27th get outside and play music! Invite your friends to gather on the porch, in the yard or down on the corner out in the street. Share your talent. Share your passion. Share your music!

David B <><

Jake Hisaw will be 98

Jake Hisaw will be 98 on August 30, 2016 and is still active singing and playing his guitar. If anyone would like to send him a birthday card, I think he’d get a real kick out of it.
Jake is a long time member of our dulcimer club, though I imagine he’s a member of every dulcimer club between here and Texas. Jake is still getting his strength after an appendicitis at the beginning of the summer.
To put his age in perspective Jake told me his mother was born in 1880 and his father in 1886. Jake and his brothers served in WWII and in large operations such as D-Day and though they were all in different combat units they all survived the war.
         Jake Hisaw
C/O Madison Village
Room 8
6016 Wall Triana Highway
Madison, AL 35757

Dulcimentary: Vintage Tennessee Tech Dulcimers

8 Foot Long Mountain Dulcimer

You’ve seen my Little Dulcimer, here is something on the other extreme:

This dulcimer is 8 ft tall, John is 6′ 3″. See & hear him play it at This dulcimer is for sale BTW

John & Uncle Eddie

Kentucky Dulcimer Excursion Part II

Karen and I just got back from our latest trip to Kentucky where we saw some more vintage dulcimers resulting in our latest dulcimentary:

Kentucky Dulcimer Excursion Part II

David <><

A Little Mountain Dulcimer Music

A Little Mountain Dulcimer Music

I may bring this one Thursday!

David B <><