The Sources of Country Music

This last Friday Karen and I toured the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and enjoyed it very much, especially the parts dealing with country music in the 1920s and 30s. They had lots of audio and video.

The one thing that disappointed us was we didn’t see any dulcimers (though if you search their website you’ll see some). Maybe I’ll e-mail them and suggest they do a display featuring early music instruments to include limberjacks and dulcimers. I’m sure they’ll listen to me…yeah right.

Actually we did see one dulcimer there. In was prominently featured in a six-by-ten foot mural titled “The Sources of Country Music” by Thomas Hart Benton which was commissioned by the Country Music Hall of Fame. See it at mural was Benton’s final mural; he pretty much finished the mural on 18 January, 1975 in his carriage-house studio in Kansas City and died the next day of heart failure, before he could sign it. It is said that Benton was a gifted musician and a collector of American folk tunes.

At the hall of fame I bought a 11″ x 17″ poster of this mural. At the risk of shilling for the museum store you can order it on-line for about $8–


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