American Profile Magazine Article

From: Jerry & Louise Todd
To: David
David, An excellent article about McSpadden dulcimers came out in  American Profile Magazine; following is a comment by Jim Wood and the-link; didn’t know if you had seen it or not. 

On 01/21/2011 11:20 AM, Jim Woods wrote:
Most of you are probably not familiar with “American Profile Magazine”.  It is a regional weekly magazine in the Southeasterrn US that is carried as an insert in newspapers sort of like “Parade”.  They came in December and interviewed and took photos and videos.  We were told that the article would be in the 3rd week of January issue.  Well, I don’t know if they changed their mind or if they count differently than we do but it wasn’t in this week.  However, it is on their website if you are interested.  They got most of it right.  It appears that reporters like to punch up the facts a bit.  If you like the music, it was being played by Judy Klinkhammer and myself.

click on

The video link is embedded in the article and also at video at

Jim Woods


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