What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Jerry Todd

(as told to David B)
Well I guess my summer vacation is about over and I’ll have to try to get back in the swing of being retired. It’ll be tough to do. It actually started off kind of boring and all I did was a bunch of stupid chores that Louise came up for me to do. She thought I needed to stay busy and do something productive.  Guess she doesn’t understand the concept of vacation. Lying under an old tree watching the clouds go by wasn’t in my summer plans apparently. Chores? Get real! I didn’t want to work on my vacation!
Then a friend gave me a bunch of dulcimer wood and I knew how I could get out of those darn chores and not have to WORK.  If I used that wood to build some dulcimers I’d be too busy to work.
When I announced to the world my intentions of building the best dulcimers ever I know people were laughing in their sleeves at me. I’d show them!
So I did a bunch of research into dulcimer making and examined the cornstruction of other dulcimers so as to determine how not to build a dulcimer in order to learn how to make THE dulcimer of dulcimers. I knew I didn’t need any special tools and forms, I could just use things I already had around the house (and it worked too!).
While I had absolutely no doubts about my ability and the outcome I surprised the Doubting Thomas’s of the world and now I can honestly say that when I play my dulcimers that I play Marvelous and Magnificent! Now I’m smilin’ like a rat.
Presenting the “twins”, Magnificent (Maggie) and Marvelous (Marvel), in finished condition on August 3rd!   We have played Marvelous and Magnificent at nursing homes and they did us proud!  Thanks to all those who gave countless hours of advice!! :
(click on each photo for larger picture)
Jerry smilin' like a rat
Magnificent (Maggie) and Marvelous (Marvel) Magnificent (Maggie) and Marvelous (Marvel)
My “off-spring”, from the left, Dulci-Lou, the twins, Marvelous and Magnificent, and  the big boy I made in Branson:
The worlds only "Dulci-Lou"
Proud pappa ith all his off-strings
Now I have some of the best dulcimers in the world and losing 10 lbs in the process didn’t hurt either.
That is what I did on my summer vacation. I am so glad I didn’t have to spend it working hard.  I sure hope Louise was able to get all those chores done… now that summer is over I won’t have time to get to ’em.
Jerry Todd  (PS I am not taking orders at this time)
Summer ’11

4 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Jerry Todd

  1. The twins are beautiful… who’d have thought… just kiddin’ Jerry, I have complete faith that you can do just about anything you put your heart and mind to. I can’t wait to hear them sing… maybe I can even put a song or two in them, if you’d honor me with the pleasure.

  2. Dulci-Lou is a doll! And she has such a sweet voice when Louise plays her!:-) I have to admit that Louise and Jerry did play Marvelous and Magnificent at jam last night.

    Louise, it sounds like you need a vacation…
    Hugs to you both, Margie

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