Summertown Bluegrass Festival

Karen and I went to the Summertown Bluegrass Festival in Tennessee this weekend. It is a great place for bluegrass with lots of shade and facilities.  I guess it should not have been any surprise that we unintentionally met up with several members of the Athens Dulcimer club, some of who (whom?)  had been camping there during the week.

2013 Summertown Bluegrass02 2013 Summertown Bluegrass03 2013 Summertown Bluegrass06 2013 Summertown Bluegrass07 2013 Summertown Bluegrass08 2013 Summertown Bluegrass09 2013 Summertown Bluegrass09b 2013 Summertown Bluegrass09c 2013 Summertown Bluegrass10 2013 Summertown Bluegrass11 2013 Summertown Bluegrass14 2013 Summertown Bluegrass15 2013 Summertown Bluegrass16 2013 Summertown Bluegrass17 2013 Summertown Bluegrass18


One thought on “Summertown Bluegrass Festival

  1. We had a great time at Summertown!!!!!! Saw lots of our group there!!! Enjoyed playing with Clara from Corinth,Miss.& her friends under the shade tree!!! Really enjoyed some great bluegrass music. If you’ve never been the next one is on Labor day weekend! Go to the website– Summertown Bluegrass Reunion for more details!!!!

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