Dulcimer Radio, Dulcie Meadows, & an Edison Phonograph

1.  Dulcimer Radio:
A free online radio program featuring nothing but dulcimers you can listen to while you surf the Internet or on your smart phone:   http://www.live365.com/stations/dulcimerradio
2. An old time mountain dulcimer player from the Mountain State: Dulcie Meadows:
Recently I bought a CD set produced by  the West Virginia and Regional History Collection, West Virginia University Libraries, featuring mountain dulcimer players from West Virginia recorded about 1973. All the players recorded were born in the late 1800s to early 1900s so it was great to hear some real old-time dulcimer players (as oppose to real old dulcimer players…).
One the dulcimer players I found particularly interesting was a lady born in 1891 named Dulcie Meadows (no kidding) from Matoaka, Mercer County West Virginia.  She tells a story of when she learned to play the dulcimer when she was a little girl. The mountain dulcimer she played on the 1973 recording was made by her grandfather and she said when she was a little girl she and her brothers/sisters were not allowed to take it down and play with it, so she learned to play it while it was hanging on the wall!
3. Early 1900’s Edison Phonograph:
Mark Richmond, with the Grand Old Dulcimer Club, sent me the following link to a video of his club recording a mountain dulcimer tune on an early 1900’s Edison Phonograph (then playing it back). The video was directed by David Schnaufer and recorded at the historic “Two Rivers Mansion” in 2003.

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