Docent of the Walking Cane Dulcimer

This article from 2011 has some good history:

Docent of the Walking Cane Dulcimer
[Click on the page in the article to enlarge it for easier reading. Also click on the page to move it around]

Donald Graves (from the article above) died this last Monday, 14 April and will be buried 18 April (grave side service)


2 thoughts on “Docent of the Walking Cane Dulcimer

  1. An interesting article to me since I have a dulcimer that is over 100 years old and it was made down in that same part of the state of Missouri. It is not of the tear drop shape but like the ones we use now. My cousin had a friend that made the dulcimer I have and he gave it to her over 50 years ago. Her husband gave it to me a couple of years ago. I have the makers name, date it was made, and the kind of wood used.
    Barbara Hopson

  2. That sounds really interesting Barbara. You should bring it for show and tell some time!

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