Jake & Friends

Today at the Madison Village

Jake 5-24-2015

Charley, Grady, Roger, Jerry, Jake, Louise, Janice, & David


2 thoughts on “Jake & Friends

  1. At almost 97 years, Jake leads a great program; the ladies at Madison Village think so, too!!!

  2. I really enjoy reading your post. You must have a great club. We only have eight, if everyone comes.I really like all the history you have supplied about the dulcimer. We play for several senior groups. Last week one of the ladies told us, “That music is so beautiful, it must be what music in heaven sounds like.”Boy, does that make you feel good and have a desire to be better. I have the job of getting information about the tunes we play, mostly Old Time, to introduce a tune tothe audience: who is the composer if known, origin, how old it is and anything to just make it interesting.It has to be short, usually 3 lines. Do you have a suggestion for a source of this kind of information? I usually just start searching the web. But there must be some sites that are really good to find what I need. I found one once, did not write it down and now can not seem to find it again.Any help would would be very much appreciated. Keep doing your dulcimentary. It is very much enjoyed.Esther Herdestherherd@yahoo.com

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