Today In Mountain Dulcimer History

For anyone interested in mountain dulcimer history I have started a section on called “Today in Mountain Dulcimer History” which is described as “A dose of mountain dulcimer history throughout the year“.

Ultimately, as I make notes from my dulcimer books, magazines, dulcimer exhibits Karen & I have attended, and from what I find on the Internet, I hope to have something for every day of the year. Though I have a fairly good list I’m not there yet so keep checking back at the link below. I am posting what I have on the date as they occur, so check back periodically, some weeks/months will have more posts than others.

The link is:

David Bennett <><


4 thoughts on “Today In Mountain Dulcimer History

  1. Good morning David,

    I’m reading this with some interest and will be reading your entry as often as time will allow. I’ve bought & read nearly everything I can find on the subject of the mountain dulcimer. I built my first dulcimer in 1967 and I still build and play them. I don’t make a living at this, but it certainly is a great avocation.

    Jim tackett
    JT’s WoodShop
    Hand-built Mountain Dulcimers

  2. David, Would you mind if I share these with the Tallahassee Dulcimer Players? Attributed to you and your group of course.

    Jill T. Endicott Tallahassee Dulcimer Players


  3. Hello David,

    I am the music teacher at Priceville Elementary and PJHS Music class. I bought dulcimers for the music classroom. I would like to have personal lessons and perhaps have your club come and have a dulcimer presentation for our students. Please contact me.

    Thank you.

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