Another Galax Dulcimer Update from Lou Beasley

Here’s some more information from Lou Beasley about his trip to the Old Fiddler’s Convention in Galax, VA the home to the world’s oldest and largest Old Fiddlers’ Convention.

As Lou told us previously, “At Galax, you are permitted to compete in only one instrument category and you may also compete in one band, which is what I did.” And as you’ll recall, Lou placed seventh in the Mountain Dulcimer competition.

The other day Lou provided additional information about the Mountain Music Band he competed in (in addition to his solo in the dulcimer contest) and the other band members mountain dulcimer connection…

Lou provided this photo with this explanation, “Here is the Mountain Music Band that played in the Old Time Band competition at Galax in Aug 2017. The photo was taken late Saturday after a week of music, mud and rain. We played well, but others played better, and we did not win. However, as individuals, we did pretty darn well. As follows:

  • The bass player placed 9th in mountain dulcimer
  • I placed 7th in mountain dulcimer
  • The fiddler placed 3rd in mountain dulcimer
  • The lady banjo player placed 5th in autoharp

click image for larger image

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