Updated schedule

I have added an event for March being held in Guntersville


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FREE TABLATURE for beginners: from Amy Hopkins Raab

I’ve added this to our list of free dulcimer tabs links at https://athensdulcimerclub.wordpress.com/free-tabs/

FREE TABLATURE for beginners: from Amy Hopkins Raab, a mountain dulcimer teacher in Indianapolis shared this on EverythingDulcimer Facebook page:
These tabs are very simple (and often simplified), to make them beginner-friendly. NOTE: Those who are not beginners but who like modal tunings and noter-drone playing style, these are also for you. There are Ionian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Dorian tunes, all in the key of D.

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News from Jon Harris

Those of you who know Jon know that this past year he and Betty moved to Florida. The other day I saw on the Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer website (fotmd.com) that Sunday he was having a dulcimer meeting down his way to measure interest in maybe starting a dulcimer gathering so I sent him a shout out and received this reply:

Hi David,

I thought of you today while reviewing the Athens web site. Great job there.

I am no longer building dulcimers. #939 was last. The tools were sold to Tom Lee who hopes to start building the Sweetstrings dulcimer. My first attempt of measuring interest in the dulcimer here in our community (Arlington Ridge) was limited to only 3 of us but the snowbirds are just starting their return. There are several clubs near us and I played with one of them last Saturday for a local folk festival. We live only about 15 miles from where the Mt Dora festival is held.

So Betty and I are enjoying life in central Florida and plan to continue traveling across the U.S.

Please say hi for us to the folks there.