Absolutely Alabama: Old Time Fiddlers Convention

Absolutely Alabama: Old Time Fiddlers Convention
Episode #601 Segment #3
(If you look carefully you’ll see Jerry Todd in the background)

Also, be sure to look (again) at our December schedule as I’m continually making updates:


December Dulcimer Dates

5 December 2017 (Tuesday) Friendship Church “Operation Santa” for Mental Health Clients By Lady Civitan

7 December 2017 (Thursday) Alabama Rocket Welcome Center (Ardmore Welcome Center) on I-65 southbound

9 December 2017 (Saturday) Heritage Assisted Living on County Line Road

14 December  2017 (Thursday) Dulcimer Christmas Dinner JAM

28 December 2017- Regular jam.

29 December 2017- 1:00 pm – Traditions Senior Living off Hwy 72 (by Jacks)

For more specifics on times etc see https://athensdulcimerclub.wordpress.com/announcementsnotes/

Let me know if there are any corrections/additions that need to be made.

David B <><

Updates to December activities

Be sure to check the Athens Dulcimer website for updates to December activities, we have many gigs and opportunities to play dulcimers for the community. Scroll down to December:  https://athensdulcimerclub.wordpress.com/announcementsnotes/

The Athens Dulcimer Christmas Tree is up at the Big Spring Park duck pond (in Athens), so go check it out. Thanks to Jerry & Louise for decorating it.

Today I happened to look at the Fiddlers Convention website and saw these three notices:

a.  “Relive the good times and great music of the 2017 Old Time Fiddlers Convention this weekend! For those of you that live in the Huntsville area, tune in to WAFF on Sunday, December 3 after the late news for a Fiddlers Convention segment featured in Absolutely Alabama!”

b.  The dates for the 52nd Old Time Fiddlers Convention are October 4 – 6, 2018

c. At the Fiddlers Convention the Friday evening entertainment (besides the dulcimer contest) will be Rhonda Vincent & the Rage on the Founders Hall Stage on October 5, 2018.

Now, go practice some Christmas tunes








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Audiology Anomaly

I don’t mean to come off as the jam police… but I do have a recommendation…

When anyone is making an announcement (or announcing their tune) we all need to remember not to strum our instruments (might as well add talking or carrying on a conversation). Please don’t take this personal, I am not singling anyone out as most of us are guilty (as is yours truly), but we’re all adults here (with the exception of Anna and Jerry).

On a regular basis, I’ve seen and heard as many as 5 or 6 people strumming simultaneously during announcements, and to make it worse, each person is strumming something different.  Most of us probably are not even aware we’re doing it… it’s just natural when you have a pick in your hand and a dulcimer in your lap.

At the risk of stating the obvious, here’s some reasons to not strum (or talk) when someone is speaking:

a. Courtesy for the person giving the announcement and courtesy for those wanting to hear them.

b. Given the nature of the acoustics of the room, music from instruments amplify and carry more than the spoken voice.

c. Along the same line… given the age of most of us many of us have diminished hearing (though I suspect some of us don’t realize it or the extent of it) it is hard to hear announcements.

d. Those of us who use hearing aids know that they tend to pick up and amplify noises like strumming more than the spoken word.

Not everyone sees these notices so if at a jam someone is strumming during announcements gently ask them to pause (plus you can probably do it more diplomatically than I). I know it’s mostly just a bad habit that is hard to break.

Now back to your regularly scheduled strumming…

Ten Year Anniversary this year

It just dawned on me the other day that the Athens Dulcimer Jam Group is having its Ten Year Anniversary this year. Thanks to everyone who got the group goin’ and to everyone who keeps it rollin’.  Who’d a thought back in 2003 that any of us would be seen and heard worldwide strumming an old time Appalachian instrument (or doin’ the Red Hen Hop in front of a crowd)?
For an account of the beginning of the Athens Dulcimer Group see the article “Dulcified 11 Feb 2004