Andy Griffith Show Dulcimer False Alarm

As you may know I’m always interested in mountain dulcimer history and am on the lookout for mountain dulcimers used in movies and TV shows as well.

A few weeks ago I had the TV on watching an old Andy Griffith re-run and I was barely paying attention when I saw the character Emmett walking down the street past some shops. I could have swore I saw a Virginia style mountain dulcimer in one of the shop windows but it passed by real fast.  It made sense to me as Mayberry was suppose to be in North Carolina.

I thought, “great, I’ve got to get a picture of that” so I woke the hamster up in my trusty old computer to crank it up and searched the Internet for this mountain dulcimer.

I found the episode, The Andy Griffith Show – Season 8 Episode 27 which aired on 11 March 1968.

Click on the first photo then click on each photo to scroll through photos

Upon on further review it turns out that Emmett was walking in front of a sporting goods store and what I saw turned out to be the back of a fishing rod rack with a cutout of a fish. The the fish shape was the body and the top of the rack was what looked like a fret board .Here’s a link for the video at the spot where I thought I saw the dulcimer. (12:38 thru 12:43 mark):

As I’ve reported here previously mountain dulcimers have been spotted in TV shows like Daniel Boone  and The Waltons.


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