John Boy Walton plays two Mountain Dulcimers

by David Bennett                                                      5 March 2015

Remember the television show, The Waltons? The series ran from 1971 to 1981 showing the life and trials of a 1930s and 1940s Virginia mountain family through The Great Depression and World War II.

In Season 1 Episode 17, two mountain dulcimers were featured. I’ve added some new photos from this episode. The basic story line is this:

John Boy has a borrowed mountain dulcimer he plays.
Girl comes to stay with the Waltons for a time.
Boy meets girl.
Boy plays mountain dulcimer for girl.
Girl falls for mountain dulcimer player.
Girl gives John Boy a mountain dulcimer of his own.
Girl & John Boy break up and girl leaves.
John Boy is happy because there are lots of girls but not so many mountain dulcimers.
Once again John Boy makes a wise choice.

Click on the first photo then click on each photo to scroll through photos:

 Good night John Boy!
Good night Preston!
Good night Grady!
Good night (insert your name here)!

You can order Season 1 of The Waltons from Amazon if you want to see John Boy play.

Related: The Daniel Boone TV show also featured a mountain dulcimer in 1964 & 1969 episodes


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