Last night we dusted off our DVD copy of Sheffey that we hadn’t watched in years, and when the movie started I thought to myself since the movie was filmed at many local Appalachian location that just maybe I’d spot a mountain dulcimer in the background somewhere, though I really didn’t expect to. However, I was pleasantly surprised, about 59 minutes into the story, in one of the camp meeting scenes, there is a fellow sitting in a chair playing a mountain dulcimer. The dulcimer scene was supposed to have taken place about 1868 at the Wabash Campground meeting in rural southwest Virginia.

The movie, Sheffey, came out in 1977, and is a dramatization of the life and works of Robert Sayers Sheffey (1820-1902) , a 19th-century Methodist evangelist and circuit-riding preacher who ministered to the mountain folk of the central Appalachian region. Renowned for his power in prayer, Sheffey ministered to, and became part of the folklore of the Appalachian region of southwest Virginia, southern West Virginia and eastern Tennessee. The movie is based on the book The Saint of the Wilderness by Jess Carr.

Filming Locations for this movie were local spots at Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN, Pleasant Hill, KY; Epworth, SC; Spartanburg, SC; Oconaluftee, NC; Pisgah National Forest, NC; Seagrove, NC; Weaverville, NC.

For those interested the movie is available on Amazon as a DVD or download rental.

David Bennett <><

18 April 2015




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