Rolling Stones Mountain Dulcimer

Recently I saw a post on the EverythingDulcimer FaceBook page about a new book about the Rolling Bones, I mean the Rolling Stones, titled Rolling Stones Gear’ subtitled ‘The Instruments That Built The Rolling Stones’. The book chronicles the career of The Rolling Stones through their gear. One of the instruments featured in the book was the mountain dulcimer(s) played by Brian Jones.



In addition to this book I discovered (too late) that from May 2013 – March 2014 the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame had a Rolling Stones display and one of the items on display was a Brian Jones dulcimer.


Above Brian Jones Dulcimer photo is by Matt Prince. Used with permission

Brian Jones dulcimer from 1965 at the Rolling Stones-50 Years of Satisfaction exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland.


The ‘Aftermath’ dulcimer: Brian’s 1966 Appalachian dulcimer:


Video: “I Am Waiting”

RollingBones06 RollingBones07

Video: “Lady Jane” on The Ed Sullivan Shoe 1966


Photos from other performances

RollingBones10 RollingBones09 RollingBones05

It is obvious from the photos here that Brian Jones had at least two dulcimers as one is ‘lectrified and the one on display, and in at least one performance photo I found,  is not.

On a side note, something I think is hilarious is on June 9, 1975 People Magazine published an article titled “The Jaggers” that included the following remark from Mick Jagger who was almost thirty-two years old “…I’d rather be dead than sing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m 45.”  Mick Jagger is now in his 70s and still on tour… singing…  “Satisfaction”

The Rolling Stones are not the only Rock, Pop or Folk group to have used a mountain dulcimer. Here’s a few other groups that have(but not all):

Aerosmith- Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side
Tori Amos- Happy Phantom
Jeff Buckley- Dream Brother
Coverdale/Page- Pride And Joy
Peter Frampton- Wind of Change
Cyndi Lauper- Ballad of Cleo and Joe; Fearless; Time After Time (acoustic)
Led Zeppelin- That’s The Way
Joni Mitchell- All I Want; California; Carey; A Case of You
Judy Collin. “Fifth Album” Richard Fariña plays dulcimer
Nine Inch Nails- 22 Ghosts III
REM- King of Birds
Rolling Stones- I Am Waiting; Lady Jane

And the list above doesn’t include (with the exception of Cyndi Lauper) David Schnaufer playing on albums with Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, The Judds, Kathy Mattea, Michael Johnson, Dan Seals, Johnny Cash, Mark O’Connor, Linda Ronstadt and others.

Photo Gallery: Screen captures from various YouTube videos


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