How to Tell if You’re a Dulcimer Fanatic

I saw this posted on the Gila Mountain Dulcimers website at

How to Tell if You’re a Dulcimer Fanatic (the complete list is at the link above):

… have a tattoo that says, “Born to play DAA”.

… decorate your dulcimer at Christmas time.

…..your idea of the ideal honeymoon is going to a dulcimer festival.

… have no idea how many dulcimers you have.

…..your idea of “girls night out” is going to a Schnaufer/Siefert workshop with your friends.

…..there is a dulcimer hanging in the outhouse.

……you insist on playing your dulcimer during a eulogy.

……your dulcimer costs more than your truck.

……there are tobacco stains down the sides of your dulcimer.

……you change your strings more often than your t-shirt.

……your truck horn plays the A part of “Mississippi Sawyer.”

……you have Mason jars filled with dulcimer picks.

……you think safe sex is when the participants play a courting dulcimer.

……your front porch collapses under the weight of so many dulcimer players gathered for the weekly Friday night jam.

……you have a dulcimer rack in the back window of your truck.

……you spent your child support on a new McSpadden.

……Junior’s first word is “DAdd.”

……you don’t know the alphabet past G.

……your family portrait is of all the dulcimers you own.

……you carry your picks in an empty “Skoal” tin.

Out and About

This week members of the Athens Dulcimers have been busy (as usual) playing in various places in the area (see photos below). 
Monday: West Side Village Community Center in Athens.
Tuesday: I’m sure some of you were doing some dulcimer freelancing that I didn’t know about.
Wednesday: Limestone Health Facility and the Athens Convalescent Center.
Thursday: Jerry, Louise, and Lou played with the children and their cardboard dulcimers at an elementary school.
Thursday & Friday: Two teams played at the Tennessee Welcome Center, just north of Ardmore on I-65. The Thursday team was lead by Nancy Sweeney, and Friday’s team was lead by Julie Stewart.
Saturday: Madison City Farmers Market.

If you’re ever out and about playing dulcimers feel free to send me photos and I’ll post them.

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