Dulcimer Lessons

For those who are interested in learning how to play the Mountain Dulcimer we offer a free lesson that lasts about two hours guaranteed to have you leaving being able to play the dulcimer.
A. For lessons contact Jerry and Louise Todd to set up an appointment.
B. In addition to the lessons provided by Jerry & Louis, below are videos in three groups.
1. Beginner Tunes
2Basic Jam Tunes
3. Miscelleneous Lessons
http://dulcimersessions.com  is a free “webzine” courtesy of Mel Bay Publications which ran from 2003 to 2012 and edited by Lois Hornbostel. There are 51 issues with many musical styles and lessons included. You can view all the back issues at the link above. 
How to Play the Mountain Dulcimer, Parts I and II: Introduction and The Dulce Melos Method by Jessica Comeau
How to Play the Mountain Dulcimer, Part III: The Water is Wide by Jessica Comeau
Here’s links to a couple of the articles available from DulcimerSessions.com:

Free lessons from Brett Ridgeway


4 thoughts on “Dulcimer Lessons

  1. The videos are great! I enjoyed them so much. Thanks for posting them. How can I get the tabs for the beginner and basic jam tunes?

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