Free Tabs

Here’s a listing of several sites that have free mountain dulcimer tabliture.
Tindle Music Company Mountain Dulcimer Tablature
Shelley Stevens: Tweetwater Productions  
Western North Carolina Dulcimer Collective
Yet Another Digital Tradition Page
Cumberland Gap Dulcimer Gathering Dulcimer Tabs
Doofus Music
Three Rivers Dulcimer Society
Bellingham Dulcimer Club
Kudzu Patch
Mountain Folkarts Dulcimer Tabs
Dogwood Dulcimer Association
Lowcountry Strummers Dulcimer tabs
Dogwood Dulcimer Association
 Old Time Ozarks
o mp3 listening files

o The older Folk Notes Mountain Dulcimer Tabs are relocated to

The ToneWay Project
Prussia Valley Dulcimers
Dulcimer Tablature and Standard Notation
View every piece of sheet music from every Dulcimer Players News (DPN), since 1975
Lonestar State Dulcimer Society Tabs
Colorado Jam Tunes
Creekside Players
Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Club Tabs
Pocono Dulcimer Club
Chord Wizard
Here’s a few tabs that either can’t be found on one if the tab sites in the links above or that have been tabbed out in their most basic form so that I (David B) can play them. Right click on the link to download the tune to your ‘puter or just click on it to open the pdf document:
The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music John Hopkins University
Stephen Seifert’s “Learn To Jam“: click on the link, there is another link about 3/4 of the way down the page for downloading a couple tabs and then other links of videos to play along with.

11 responses to “Free Tabs

  1. This is a great site. I have sent your link to members of my groups, namely the Lagniappe Dulcimer Society of Baton Rouge, LA and the Cajun Dulcimer Society of Lafayette, LA. Hope to see some of your members at our next dulcimer fete in March of 2014. We have a great line-up of

  2. Thank you for all you do for the Dulcimer players. These are great tabs and I like the way Jerry lays them out. I started out playing your 15 jam tunes tabs.

  3. What a pity it is that more people don’t say tahnk-you for this website and the tabs it contains. I have not been playing dulcimer for long, and thanks to your excellent site. I now have lots of songs to play.
    Regards and best wishes to al from the “man from downunder”
    Mike Owens

  4. Doyle Bramlett

    I have been looking for PEACE IN THE VALLEY in almost all web sites that offer tab but have not been able to find it.Is it out there anywhere?

  5. The reason the song you are looking for is not on any of the free tab sites is because the song is still under copyright.

  6. Roger Belcher

    Looking for tablature/Dulcimer for SWEET Beulah Land: I’m a beginner; instrument tuned for (?) D A A….rbelcher thanks!

  7. where can i find very beginner basic music.

  8. Most of the tab sites have “basic” tunes. It’s really a matter of learning to play tunes you already know and like.

  9. Looking for Old Brush Arbor by the Side of the Road tab. Old song. George Jones recorded. Sullivan Family had wonderful bluegrass gospel version, probably before Jones. Thanks for your site. Seems mighty helpful.

  10. You probably won’t find any free tabs posted anywhere as that song is, I believe, copyrighted and not in the public domain.

  11. The Todds introduced the world of dulcimers to us several years ago. Now this site has come to my attention through the Red River Valley Dulcimer Club in OK!! One of the wonderful things the dulcimer has brought is are the terrific people we have met all over the US!! All because the Todds took time to teach me! This site will be added to my faves. Thanks to your club and to the Todds!

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